Music & Fine Arts Ministry

Terence-Christian Sykes, is the Minister of Music for Shekijah Preparation Assembly, and he is spiritually in tune to the Presence of the Almighty and thus displays a desire to institute music and ministry which will COMPLIMENT, as well as help usher in the anointing of the Holy Ghost. 

Terence, the eldest son of Bishop Terence M. & Co-Pastor Shereé S. Sykes, uses his gifts to help bring Glory to God and be in accordance with God's Holy written Word.  He is available to bring other such anointed music and fine arts ministries into the church by way of concerts, musical services, plays and productions, etc., and he is in charge of the total Music & Fine Arts Ministry of Shekijah. Terence assists his father Bishop Terence M. Sykes, in maintaining order and ease of flow between all of its sub-ministries which include the following:

(the main choir, under the direction of Bishop Terence M. Sykes)

"Psalms" (Praise & Worship Ministry)

"Genesis" (Youth Ministry Choir)

The Mighty Men of Valor Men's Ensemble

The Tabernacle Dancers

"Selah" (Youth Dancers)

"Envisions" (Drama Ministry)

"Words of Hannah" (Mime Ministry)

Terence is an anointed musician who loves to share his gifts and talents as often as he finds opportunity.

Terence is also helpful in providing music for the following:

Leviticus Concerts

Annual & Seasonal Revivals

Annual Virginia District Holy Convocation of the Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America (in October)

Christmas and Resurrection Sunday plays and/or productions

It is important that a Minister of Music makes sure that all who minister in the Arts at Shekijah, operate in the anointing of God, be prayed up, and minister, not entertain, with the spirit of excellence. How grateful Shekijah is to God for raising up Terence-Christian Sykes for such a time as this!